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There are many causes for problems with a file's output.

Here are a few:

No print outs of customer's file - For correct output we must have an approved set of lasers from the customer. Please check them carefully. It's a lot cheaper for you to make the corrections before film is output.

Linked files not included with job - For most programs, what you see on the screen is just a placeholder for the original file. It doesn't matter whether the file is a tiff image, an Illustrator EPS or a WMF. It's also not a good idea to cut and paste between graphics programs and page layout programs. This will work sometimes but it is not a good practice, especially if the job needs to be separated.  For Barrons to properly output the job the original placed file should be sent along.

Fonts are not included with job - For most applications, the fonts are not embedded in the file. Whatever fonts are used in the file must be sent with the job for correct output. If it's a type1 font, there are two parts to send, the screen font and the printer font. If one is missing, the job will not image correctly. This is true for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. The other kind of font is TrueType. It has only one part to send.

Spot Colors are badly defined or there are duplicate colors- This happens mainly when EPS files are placed in the page layout program. For example, one Illustrator file might have a color defined as PANTONE 135 CVC while another has the color defined as PANTONE 135 CVU. Still another Photoshop file has the color defined as PANTONE 135. Each of these colors are seen as separate colors by the page layout program. If multiple versions of the same color are showing up in the color palette it must be corrected before being sent off. An easy way to find out who the offending files are is to print out separated lasers yourself and rename the colors in the placed file.




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